Learning to live with the demise of Google Reader – thank you Feedly!

Along with millions of others, I’ve been a diehard fan of Google Reader for the past several years. Whenever I find a blog I want to follow, I simply add the RSS feed to Google Reader, so that I can keep up to date with posts, whether on my desktop or mobile device.

As you can imagine, when I heard the news of the demise of Google Reader, I was not a happy camper! This, after I was already annoyed that they’re killing iGoogle, which has been my start page forever.

Anyway, what can you do? I’ve been trying out other readers, and they’re okay, but not fabulous. Part of the problem is that in Google Reader I starred a bunch of posts so I can easily find them again, and when I import my RSS feeds into other readers, I lose those starred posts.

But then I tried Feedly.


With Feedly, I can log in with my Google Reader credentials, so it can grab all my RSS feeds AND it adds my starred posts to the Saved For Later group. And when Google Reader finally goes away, all the data will be pulled onto a Feedly server.

The icing on the cake, is that just as I was starting to get comfortable with Feedly, I (and other Google Reader outcasts) received a lovely welcome message from Edwin, CEO of Feedly, including a link to show us how to optimize Feedly to make it look similar to Google Reader. Now that is service!


Now if only I could find a replacement for iGoogle. I’ve tried UStart, Netvibes, igHome… Any suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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